20 August 2006

And some sequels might be worth broadcasting

My mum is an avid radio consumer, and often chats to me about what she's heard recently. Today, it was about a competition Radio National (one of our national public radio networks here in Australia) is about to launch. It involves writing a sequel or a prequel to a well-loved novel. Mum thought I should enter with a finely tuned prequel to one of my all time favourite reads, Seven Little Australians. Hang on, thought I, have you been reading my brand new blog Mum? (No she hasn't - she doesn't have a computer!)

Just checked out the competition ... http://www.abc.net.au/rn/events/books_alive.htm ... and it does sound fun. I like the 50 word limit too. I won't be entering, but I may well listen...

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