11 September 2006

Ten things I'm obsessed with right now...

At any given time, I am obsessed with a number of random things, feelings or questions. Here's my current top ten ... in no particular order.

1. My garden. It's a mess. It's spring, and I want to get planting again.

2. Not leaving all the packing for our holiday until the last minute (we go away at the end of this week). I packed all of the sheets and towels today. I detest packing for five people to go away for a week at the beach - but it's so worth it when we get there. Tomorrow night, I pack the children's clothes.

3. My children's happiness. Especially my daughter who's had a tough time of it recently. Seeing her bounce around with joy makes my life a lot happier.

4. Grey's Anatomy. My current fluff television addiction. Tuesdays are made fun at work by dissecting the amusing dialogue and general McDreaminess of Monday night's episode.

5. What to do about my job. I have to work, and I really like what I do, but there's things about my current job which are soul destroying.

6. The BBC is about to screen a new series of Jane Eyre. I don't think I can wait until it's finally screened here in Australia next autumn or winter (which is the usual lag time 'tween the UK and here). I'm buying the DVD when I can!

7. Reading blogs. Wish I could be inspired more to write mine.

8. New York. And not just because of today. I was there for a day earlier this year - my first visit to the States - and I loved it. I want to go back and see it properly, without the snow and the jetlag, and with my husband.

9. Reading. I haven't been immersed in a good book for a long time. Any suggestions?

10. My iPod. It wasn't charged up today and my tram journey was damn boring without it or something to read (see number nine). I am about to put some David Essex on it too. Yes, I'm that old!

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PJ said...

5, 7, 8 & 10 - ditto, have we met before? ;-(

The last book I tore through was called Front Row and is an unauthorised biography of Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue. I am obsessed with the woman and thoroughly loved it.