06 November 2006

(Not) talking about my generation

One of the strange things I've noticed over the last 15 years or so, is the compulsion social commentators have to define generations of people. Like today, in my morning newspaper's daily blog.

Here is an article which claims that the generations are at war at work. Well, I'm not so sure about that, as most of the people I work with are hard working and dedicated, whether they are 50 or 20. There's a job to do people, and we do it!

What intrigues me about this is the attempt, yet again, to define people according to the year they were born in. I'm intrigued because, depending on what you read, I am either a BabyBoomer or a Gen-X-er or a generation 'no name'. Personally, I like the last definition the best. I like belonging to a generation - if you can call a period of about three years in the 1960s a generation - that defies definition.

Personally, if we must be defined, I think we should all be defined by the music you're into when you turn 21.

Me, To Cut a Long Story Short, I'm new wave, with a side of new romantic. A tad sad I know, but there you have it - I'm too young to be defined by disco or punk, too old for grunge.

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