18 April 2007

Slowing down

I am now well into my first week of being a corporate dropout - and I'm loving it.

My last month in the job was surprisingly enjoyable; mainly because I was able to stop hiding that I'd been miserable, I'd made my decision and I was ready to leave. The actual leaving was a bit odd, which is to be expected, as I'd spent such a big part of my life there over the last three years. And while was sad to say goodbye to some of my workmates, I was completely happy to leave.

Of course, as soon as I left I was overcome by a big wave of exhaustion, but that past very quickly. And since then, I've been having a thoroughly wonderful time.

I've caught up with friends; we had a very relaxed Sunday, including a family lunch and a night in front of the telly; I did the weekly shop on my own (yay!); I took Miss Mucks to basketball training; I've hung out with my Mum; I've been cooking; and best of all, I've been having a lovely time doing nothing in particular with The Little Guy, rather than rushing around trying to get all of our chores done on my one day off. (This photo of him climbing a tree with Miss Mucks was taken over a year ago, during the summer holidays, but I remember that day well. It was great fun, and unstructured. Exactly how the last few days have been.)

I've even been for a job interview, which must have gone well, because they called me back for a second interview. I've withdrawn my application though, as it's fulltime. While I do feel strange being without paid employment at the moment, I'm determined that my next job doesn't overtake my life.

My challenge now is to just be. It's not easy for me, after years of trying to juggle, but I really want this slower pace.

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