27 April 2007

Pick me! Pick me!

Now I've left my big corporate job, I'm on the look out for my next employer. And I have to say, it's mighty tiring.

So far I've had three interviews - two with one potential employer, and the third with another. The interviews themselves have gone well, once I'm in there, showing off my wares. But it's the associated activity that's doing my head in.

How do I dress to look professional, but not too corporate? (This is important because I've decided not to pursue big corporate jobs right now, but some employers look at you somewhat suspiciously if you've been corporate, but you're not currently looking in that direction.)

And it's like preparing for a test. While I know I know my stuff, I need to be prepared in case they ask me what I know about them. Thank heavens for Google.

Worst of all though is the waiting game. I went for a job today that I really want. But I know that I'll have to wait for at least a week until I know whether I've made it to the next stage.

Think I'll go and have a good lie down and try not to think about it. Much.

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