04 April 2007

Square eyes

I spend a sizeable proportion of my life in front of a screen.

Most of my job is spent responding to emails, writing, editing and coming up with cunning (communication) plans. I'm obviously a big internet consumer too; while I don't have to log on every day, I do miss it if I don't get a regular dose of Go Fug Yourself, AustenBlog or even my dinky online 2002 mothers group.

My lifelong screen addiction, however, is to that one in the corner of the room, the blessed television. We've been in a devoted relationship for over 40 years, starting with my first great love Adventure Island, right up to my current loves Grey's Anatomy , Gilmore Girls and Spooks.

It's a love that's seen me through being home sick from school, study avoidance, lonely Saturday nights, newly-married-we're-staying-in-on-Friday-night-so-we-can-save-for-a-house-deposit-bliss, breastfeeding, and now a diversion when The Hubster is snoring merrily and loudly away on the couch. It's bonded me with friends and family, and provided me with hours of (sometimes) guilty pleasure. Recently, it's also helped me get through a bad bout of the blues.

I also have a bit of something on the side with cinema. I don't get to the movies much these days thanks to the combined talents of Number One Son, Miss Mucks and The Little Guy, but I love it when I do, even when the film is all kinds of bad (come on down Music & Lyrics). I still clearly remember my first ever cinema experience, which was Snow White. It scared me witless, and I loved it.

As I often have the urge to blabber on about my latest screen experience, I've decided to devote a separate blog to it. You can find it here.

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Amelia said...

ah, music & lyrics - appalling but the first cry baby movie session that i ever went to with baby bear. am also a committed tv watcher. only a couple of programmes a week but i do hate to miss them.