26 August 2007


I've got back into buying magazines again. I think it's because I'm very domestically focused of late - almost all of the magazines I now purchase are either about homes or food. I don't buy gossip, fashion or parenting magazines anymore, because I find them boring (although I do like reading fashion mags at the hairdresser). I want to look at pretty pictures that inspire me, and these days that means other people's homes, gardens and food.

So I thought I'd do a review of this month's periodical purchases, starting with a firm favourite - delicious.

This magazine is my cooking bible: I cook at least one recipe out of every issue, and often find six or seven recipes to inspire me. In the summer holidays every year, I trawl through all of my backissues from a couple of years ago to tear out my favourite recipes - some long forgotten - to put in my recipe file. (I use the delightful kikki-k recipe binder. Horrendously overpriced but a kind relative gave it to me last Christmas. It's practical and very nice to use.)

Unfortunately, the September 2007 issue of delicious isn't a great one - I haven't found much to inspire me. I will try Jamie Oliver's 'good fish and couscous' on page 38, and Belinda Jeffrey's 'roasted kumara with parsley, smoked paprika & macadamia pesto' on page 44 at some time during the next month, but there's not a lot in there that has me rushing off to whip up tonight.

I think I'll go back to the July issue to make mulligatawny soup for tea tonight instead. This week, I'm also making the orange cake from last month's issue, substituting a tangerine for the orange - it is seriously, well, delicious.

Oh, and happy birthday to Listen no longer in silence - I started blogging a year ago last week!

[delicious cover image courtesy of the delicious website]


moggy said...

I like your sophistimacated new look! Mmmm food. I ate much of the mexican this weekend in Sydney. How I wish they had the same here!

Beth said...

I know what you mean about this month's delicious. July is an abolute standout edition this year! In this month's I like the idea of the dukkah coated fish, and one of the kids recipes looks like a quick idea that I could whip up next Sunday morning for my nieces & nephews (and my dad) to enjoy on Father's day ... I must re-read to recall which one.

delamare said...

moggy, have you tried the swish mexican place in Chapel Street - just down from the Jam Factory? It is mucho yummo