06 January 2008

A bit of blah on the side

I'm in the midst of a slight new year funk. After the festivities of a very happy Christmas (a celebration I embrace with gusto), and a thoroughly delightful new year spent in Sydney, I'm feeling a bit blah. I think it's all part of the new year deal.

I put it down in part to the child care juggle, which involves trying to find suitably laid back holiday care for at least two children over a two week period. As The Little Guy is no longer at kindergarten, there is no easy option for him. And Miss Mucks needs supervising too of course (at 12 years old, it's less of an issue for Number One Son, who's off to the coast with one of his best buds next week anyway). We've found solutions for the six days in question - of course - but it's the finding of solutions makes my 'why can't I just lie down somewhere shady with a glass of something refreshing and a good book?' head hurt.

In between all this, the end of year spending spree continues, as I have to make pressing decisions about how many pairs of ugly grey shorts Number One Son really does need when he starts high school at the end of the month. I shudder to think of what my credit card statement currently looks like.

I shouldn't complain, as we have more family holidays coming up in a fortnight, heading up north for our annual summer week at the beach. But I will anyway.

In truth, the major source of my blahs is recognising that I'll need to think more seriously about how I'm going to earn my living from now on. My current contract may end soon, and I need to work out what to do next. I know what I don't want, but I'm not entirely sure about what I do want. I suspect that this is a dilemma that we all face several times over the course of our working lives. It's just my time now.

So, while I ponder the question, and feel a bit blah about being in limbo, I should also remember that at least I have choices. And another week of holidays coming up.

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