09 March 2008


There's nothing like a long weekend to get things done about the house, even when we're in the grip of another bout of hot weather.

So far this weekend, we've:

- had friends plus child over for a meal last night

- made a lemon and yoghurt cake

- filled most of a skip with debris from our 'garden' (the first step in the great garden renovation of 2008)

- cleaned up the front verandah, removing bits of furniture that have been resting there since the big house re-organisation of 2007

- cleaned the house

- carted children around to birthday parties and sleepovers

- done multiple loads of washing (although this happens every weekend, long or not)

- dusted and re-arranged the open shelves in the kitchen.

The best news is that it's still only Sunday morning, and the weekend's only half over. There's yet another birthday party to go to this afternoon, and more friends plus children are coming over for a barbeque tonight.

I even managed a sleepin this morning, and the Hubster has played nine holes of golf.

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