28 June 2008


Well, we're in the middle of the year and I've not posted for a while. Real life has been distracting me, especially my clutch of grumpy children. The winter school holidays have been a very long time coming. *Sigh*

But this past month has not been without its pleasures. As well as indulging in some scarf purchasing (I do so love me a scarf), I've been enjoying daydreaming thanks to some current popular culture.

I've been to see Sex and the City - twice. I loved it the first time, of course, but found the second viewing just as enjoyable (and not just due to the Cosmopolitans I drank beforehand - the second viewing was thanks to a supplier's event for their clients). And I cried both times.

On reflection, these are the reasons why I enjoyed this film.
- It's focused on women in their 40s. This is very rare indeed in big movies.
- It is a fairytale, with New York the palace. And sometimes there's nothing wrong with fairytales, especially ones in which the writer heroine gets to live in a bright blue apartment in Manhattan, complete with a sassy assistant.
- It's about the importance of friendship. The bit that made me cry both times was the New Years Eve scene.

Oh, and lapping up all of the clothes, shoes and bags was frivolous and fun!

Another fantasy I've been enjoying of late is that portrayed in the Australian magazine, Country Style, which has recently undergone a very stylish re-design. It's gone from being rather daggy to very appealing.

It's all about finding the perfect Victorian cottage somewhere in the countryside, buying it for a song, painting it creamy white, and decorating it with old furniture and homewares sourced from out-of-the-way second hand stores. It's scones eaten in front of an open fire, gumboots by the back door, and time to paint, write, make jam and quilt. The garden is gorgeous, and friends come to stay.

Nice dream, and the antithesis of that put forward in Sex and the City.

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