24 November 2008

Blog eyed

I've had a sick day off work today, thanks to the dodgy tums of both Number One Son and myself. Not nice.

Now the other two kids are back from school, I've been entertaining myself by visiting a range of new (to me) blogs mentioned in an article in yesterday's Sunday Age; I can't find a link to it unfortunately. While two of my long terms favourites - Go Fug Yourself and A Dress a Day - are featured, I've now stumbled upon some interesting sites to enjoy, including The Thoughtful Dresser, Jezebel and Eglantine's Cake. It's like cracking open a new magazine, which is one of my very favourite things to do, after all.

There are two I can't quite believe though, but for completely different reasons.

One is a very pretty blog called StyleRookie, which apparently is written by a 12-year-old. This girl is not only a dab hand at writing and photography, but she also knows how to put together amazing outfits. She is one extraordinarily sophisticated 12 year old ... but then again, I remember thinking that about the actor Diane Lane back in the day. She published a novel and starred in a sweet romantic comedy when she was about 13. I remember reading all about her in Seventeen, in the 1970s when reading magazines was the main way of finding out about people who lived shiny lives in other lands.

(Incidentally, I went to see the completely dreadful Nights in Rodanthe last week, purely on the basis of Diane Lane. She was the best thing in this very silly movie, and I'm so pleased she's decided that it's much better to look like a gorgeous 40+ woman than a 40+ woman who's still trying to look 32. Move away from the botox please.)

The other blog which has me rather gobsmacked is that by Melissa C Morris, who is living a life not out of a magazine, but straight out of The Preppy Handbook.

You can't make these things up ... I think.

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