23 December 2008

Bah-humbug (well, almost ...)

I wish I felt more Christmassy. I started December well ahead in my Christmas preparation, but I'm afraid it's just got closer and closer to the big day with me turning into a grumpy mess. And that's sad, because I normally love Christmas.

It's no one's fault and it's not one thing. Just a combination of people being sick (my daughter hurt her foot badly yesterday - she's OK thankfully), some big family issues to deal with (my mother-in-law moving into assisted care and the ripple affect that this move has had), the end of the school year, and some truly huge work projects that both The Hubster and I have had to deal with - it's been one of those years when the work Christmas do was a very hurried affair. So I've had to squeeze the Christmas preparation in between everything else, and have felt frazzled as a result.

Still, there's still 36 hours for things to redeem themselves. My Mum is recovering from her flu, my husband's work project was delivered today, the food shopping is handled at long last, and almost all of the presents are wrapped. All it will take is me running around like a loon tomorrow afternoon to get the rest of it done.

I'll get there yet!

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Kath Lockett said...

...and I'm sure you did! ??

Happy New 2009 and I'll see you sometime in Melbourne!