18 January 2009

What me worry?

OK, time to talk New Year resolutions.

I made two last year, and was very successful at keeping one of them - read more widely. I enjoyed lots of serious modern literature and historical biography, some fantasy, and washed it down with some fun, well-written fluff. I'm keeping this resultion going for 2009.

My other 2008 resolution was to get my garden in order. I got started on that one, and I'm managing to keep my new plants alive during summer, but I haven't made lots of progress. It's a daunting one, not helped by the size of the job, a lack of time and lots of distractions. Plus the fact that Melbourne gardens can look so scrappy and disheartening these days thanks to our neverending drought. Nevertheless, this resolution is back on the list for 2009.

I'm adding another one this year - don't worry so much.

Always the eldest child and being female, I tend to always be thinking ahead (right now, my mind is on what we need to do to get the kids ready for another year of school ). Which is fine, except that it can tip over to worrying.

While worry is part of the natural state of things, it is also a big fat waste of time for the most part. The older I get, the more I know that problems usually have a way of sorting themselves out, especially as I've finally got it into my skull that there are problems you need to act on, while others just need to be given time to resolve naturally. You just need to be clever in working out which one is which.

So, while I will never stop planning ahead (would you like to know what we're having for dinner next Tuesday?), I am determined to let up in being a worry-wart this year.

And that will include not worrying if my resolutions don't all bear fruit (see, I'm being sneaky about my gardening one again!).


moggy said...

A water tank is a beautiful thing... I've seen a few nifty small and almost portable ones lately.

PS gorgeous kitty!

Amelia said...

so true about worrying. i think of the hours, nay days, nay weeks, nay i-don't-even-want-to-think-how-much-time that i have spent futilely worrying about things. As if the energy that you put into it can change the course of the universe.

we'll be in melbourne in june - can i interest you in a hot chocolate at gattica?