27 February 2009

Oscars 2009

I've been too busy to post an essay on the Oscars finery worn earlier this week. So here's a quick overview, written before I fall to sleep after what has been a very looooong day.

Because I am feeling weary, and because I just can't not blog about Oscars fashion, I'm only going to review the gals who wore pale colours, of which there were plenty this year.

Taraji P Hensen was fabulous in Benjamin Button, and she looked absolutely gorgeous at the Oscars. As did Anne Hathaway (she's my pick of this year's best dressed).

Then there are those that I can't quite decide on. I've put Evan Rachel Wood into this basket; great dress, but perhaps a bit too pale on her white white skin. (Although, looking at this again, I do like it a lot.) Marisa Tomei is on this list too. Her dress is an extraordinary piece of construction - how did she sit down in it? - but with just too much going on.

Another choice in my not-sure category is Miley Cyrus. Quite a few people I know really liked this, and there is something appealing about her scalloped number (it certainly is age appropriate, the sort of dress little girls draw). But there are things that I don't like ... mainly the belt and the scallop up front and center just under it.

Although I haven't posted their pictures here, I'm including Penelope Cruz (not sure about the Austrian blind-ish skirt of her gown) and Jennifer Aniston (a bit on the boring side) in this category too.

As to what I don't think worked, Sarah Jessica Parker makes this list for me. As well as the whole distracting booby thang, I don't think her loose hair worked with the whole princessy vibe; it was aging too. The dress is a pretty colour though. Although Matthew doesn't looked too thrilled with any of it in this photo (click to enlarge, and check him out standing to the left of SJP).

Melissa George gets my worst dressed award; was this originally a petticoat for an elaborate 1980s wedding dress? To give her the benefit of the doubt, I suppose she may have been going for a canny bit of recycling in these recessionary times. It's a blessing she left the crystal head piece and veil at home.

And finally, a special mention to Heath Ledger's mother Sally Bell and sister Kate Ledger, who not only handled themselves with grace - they also both looked lovely in their creamy pale gowns.

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Beth said...

Dear Delamare,
If I can help you decide - please put Miley Cyrus firmly in the 'not for your age, dearie' group. While I admire that she still acts her age, and hasn't grown up too quickly, but i think that this dress is just a bit too old for her.