01 April 2009

That was the month that was: March

Changes to the house - a new attic went in yesterday. Enjoying my job a lot. Writing plenty at work, but not at all on this blog. Putting some lovely winter clothes on layby (a new coat!). Pleased I saved my trees from the drought thanks to buckets of bathwater: I like to think that lugging those heavy buckets around has been good for my upper arms too. Learning to use the slowcooker. Reading lots of fanfic; some great, some very very bad. Helping kids with homework (all three have plenty at present). Planning a holiday to New Zealand later in the year.

Television series of the month: Farmer Wants a Wife. Now, I'm not normally a fan of reality TV (although I was a big fan of 'The Apprentice') or dating shows, but I have fallen for this one. I think it's a combination of being engrossed in watching the way some people behave, and lots of pretty countryside to admire. But most of all, its appeal is in being able to shout "you're making the wrong choice!" and "what on earth do you see in him/her!" at the telly on a Wednesday night. I've not watched the previous two seasons, but the farming blokes, and one girl, have got me in. I just hope that, in future series, if they do include some more capable female farmers looking for love, they give her a better selection of fellas to choose from. Farmer Jenny - what are you going to do? All will be revealed in tonight's two hour bumper finale episode. Grouse.

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