17 June 2009

Way to go, dude

Some time ago, fellow blogger Kath tagged me on a post about the great things about being a mum. And I really do intend getting around it: my blogging pace this year is what you'd call erratic (if you were being kind), while Kath is much more dedicated to the craft. But in the meantime, I want to point out one great, relatively unexpected bonus of being a Mum.

You get to embarrass your children with extraordinarily little effort.
Nowadays, I only have to use the word 'dude' in a sentence to send my eldest son (aged 14) into a fit of apoplexy. It seems that the use of this term is unseemly in one as ancient as me.

Lately, I've taken to marrying the word with the statement 'don't give me tone'. I learnt that one with a lovely Gen Y girl I work with. I've asked her to supply me with other words I might torture him with.

Add in a bit of dancing, and I become an Embarrassment Machine! Only my youngest child (aged six) will allow anything resembling parental dancing in his presence.

So, suck it up, dude. And don't give me tone about it.

(That should render him speechless!)


moggy said...

Don't give me tone, dude.

Kath Lockett said...

Mwah hahaha - I'm going to use that as well! At the moment she's humiliated if I say 'guys' as in 'How are you guys?'