01 July 2009

That was the month that was: June

Busy end of term; school reports and grumpy kids. Cracker of a school fundraiser quiz night. Worked fulltime, and now enjoying the fruits of my labour in two weeks off with the kids over the winter holidays. Celebrated Mum chalking up a milestone birthday and Number One Son turning 14. Welcomed new babies. Still not reading - lost cause for 2009 methinks. Trying to find accommodation in New Zealand in preparation for upcoming jaunt through the South island. Ate an amazing lunch at Vue de monde. Enjoyed macaroons and little cup cakes with the girls from work, and homemade puddings at home. Feel naked without a scarf during the day and bedsocks at night. Started to Tweet (doesn't hurt a bit).

Television series of the month: Grand Designs. Is there anything more comforting than curling up on the sofa on a winter night with a cup of tea and Grand Designs on the television? I got hooked on this fly on the wall series last year, and am thoroughly enjoying the latest one which has just started on the ABC. British architect Kevin McCloud follows home renovators on their journey from plan to (near) completion, a route which is invariably paved with budgets being obliterated, windows not turning up on time, and extraordinary amounts of mud. This simple premise is completely mesmerising thanks to loads of human drama - especially when people make completely nutty decisions about their homes, like four ovens 'for balance' - and the thrill of seeing it all come together. All pulled together with the delicious Mr McCloud's intelligent and amusing commentary.  

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