15 July 2009

'Twas 20 years ago today

1989 was a landmark year in world history. The Cold War unravelled, and the Berlin Wall came down. The Exxon Valdez spilt oil in Alaska. People protested in Tiananmen Square. Seinfeld was first screened, as did the Simpsons. Nintendo launched the first GameBoy. Batman was a big movie hit.

It was a big year for me too. I was in my first year of living in Melbourne, working at a small design company in Fitzroy, and studying Editing & Publishing part time. I was making new friends, living in Carlton, and feeling excited about life in general.

But the biggest day of 1989 for me was 15 July, the day I married The Hubster.

Twenty years ago today, I was in a Sorrento restaurant, wearing a creamy white Thai silk and satin dress and carrying a huge bunch of lillies, surrounded by family and friends and having a great time.

Happy memories, of which there have been many more - notably the birth of our three children - in the two decades since. Of course, there have been some low periods too, but we're so very fortunate that the happy stuff has outweighed the not-so-great.

And I still like my dress, even if it was the 1980s, the time style forgot.


Kath Lockett said...

Congratulations - that's about fifteen Hollywood marriages you know! And where's the photo?

delamare said...

I was going to include a photo, but I don't have one scanned! I may get the wherewithall to ask my friend with a scanner to do one and post it as an edit...

moggy said...

That would be because your dress was lovely and you looked beautiful in it!