13 September 2006

What's happening under those curls?

My youngest child - let's call him The Little Guy, because sometimes we do - has the loveliest curls around. And he absolutely hates them. To the point that he puts his head under the cold water tap to wash the curls out.

His frustration with his curls is immense. When people comment on how nice his hair is, he declares that his hair is stupid. He wishes he had cool straight hair. Where does he get this stuff from?

Of course, I dreaded his first proper haircut - which I put off for nearly three years (he is my last baby after all!) - because I thought that would be the end of the curls. Now, I sometimes wish that the haircut and the ones that followed had de-curlified his hair: it would make mornings a lot more calmer.

What am I saying? If it wasn't the curls, it would be something else. Cereal choice, which stool he sits on, his shoes, what's in his kindergarten lunchbox ... he's four years old. Throwing tantrums is his job!


PJ said...

Yes, I've often hoped with all my might that my next haircut might deliver me from curls but it sadly does not happen.

The Little Guy looks absolutely adorable in your pic and I love, love that you have a blog. I'm putting it on my list!

delamare said...

PJ - you're my first comment! Thanks for helping to inspire me to start writing my own, and for the enjoyment I get from reasding yours (have you noticed that you're on my links list?).

PJ said...

Yes, I did notice, thanks so much. This blogging caper is terrific - at least I think so anyway - and tailor made for you I think.