15 September 2006

We're all going on a spring holiday

The five of us are now officially on holiday. It was the last day of school today for the older two (Number One Son and Miss Mucks), The Little Guy is out of kindergarten for a couple of weeks, and Husband and I are on leave.

We set off for the coast early tomorrow morning. The idea is that we leave at 7am. That would take a major miracle. A minor miracle is more likely - we'll get away before 10am! We're packing the car now, the kids are asleep, and we're hoping to get to bed ourselves soon too.

The kids are very very excited; they'll be bickering before we get out of Melbourne no doubt. It's a seven hour drive though ... think of us as we endure "are we there yet?", "Muuuum ... he pinched me!" and, our family motto, "I'm hungry!".

It reminds me of how excited my brother, sister and I were on family holidays involving long drives. And we did long drives - Canberra to Perth, across the country in four days when we were six, four and two ... my poor mother!

See you in a week.

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PJ said...

I remember road trips fondly. My parents must have been suckers for punishment because I got to play my recorder during the trip. I remember knowing how to play many Christmas carols and the theme to Dallas?!?

One trip, my brother kept wanting to take the recorder from me, only to end up getting smacked on the nose with it and starting a major nose bleed/row/argument/tantrum. All in a Fiat hatchback.

Ah the memories...

Have a great holiday.