29 October 2006

Five things I'm obsessed with right now...

I haven't posted for a while. It's been a busy time; lots on at work, little time to write. Time then for a quick of five things I'm obsessed about right now (that have nothing to do with work).

1. My iPod. I'm rediscovering music. Keane. Madeleine Peyroux. Simple Minds! Nouvelle Vague. Now I want to have one of those nifty stereo thingies that you pop your iPod into, and have my favourite tunes blasting out on for all to enjoy. On shuffle.

2. Walking. A few weeks ago I started walking regularly with a friend. It makes me feel great, particularly when I'm stressed. Unfortunately, I am so busy at present that I don't have the time to go on a 45 minute walk. Well, I do, but it would be at the risk of divorce, as my husband is having to take on the bulk of the child wrangling duties at present, and isn't getting to do the things he needs to get done for himself either.

3. Commando Christmas shopping. This year if I see anything remotely suitable for someone, within the right price range, I buy it there and then. None of this wandering around, pondering the possibilities. I've already got quite a cupboard of goodies at the ready, and not all of them are toys. I intend spending the last few days before Christmas serenely wrapping presents, photographing happy children, and cooking nice food. Ha!

4. Maggie O'Farrell. I've read great reviews of her first novel After You'd Gone. I'm really enjoying reading it, a chapter at a time, before I go to sleep. Very happy that her other novels are out there for me to read as well: her latest is getting great reviews. Nothing like discovering a new writer that you like.

5. Food. Cooking dinner is a bit of an escape from the madness of life at present: I find following the steps of a recipe rather relaxing. A few weeks ago, I discovered Melbourne chef Karen Martini's first cookbook. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm about to cook her Chicken & Broken Pasta soup for tonight. It is truly the best soup I've ever made. Even the children love it - just don't tell them that there's cabbage in it!

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