20 November 2006

Just how out of touch are you?

It's been a big weekend here in Melbourne, with the U2 tour coming to town and the G20 summit. And the two have been very much linked, with Bono being Bono, and the government being ... well, rather out of touch.

Earlier today, I noticed a rather surprising comment on The Age website. Apparently, our Treasurer Peter Costello isn't really aware of U2 or any of their songs.

Peter, Peter, Peter. Aren't you only 49 years old? You and Bono - who is about 46 - belong to the same generation.

Granted, you may not know any of the more obscure musicians from the last 20 years - like Echo & the Bunnymen, Altered Images, The Stranglers, or Kylie Minogue. But this is U2! How could you miss their prolific output these past two and a half decades?
To his credit though, unlike the man whose job he wants, he did at least agree to meet the Irish one with the rock star ego and the big ideas. I just hoped he listened.

(Interesting to notice that both men chose to wear stripes for their big date. Shame Peter left his shades in the car.)

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