09 December 2006

Smoke gets in my throat

I hate summer.

Well, not all of summer; a 25 degree day is very pleasant indeed, and I don't even mind a 28 degree day, as long as I can find something suitable to wear that keeps me cool, and that I don't look dorky in (I am someone who rejoices when it's time for nifty knee high boots and a snazzy jacket, offset by a fetchingly tied scarf).

But when it's like today - 37 degrees - it's just horrible. As well as being hot, making me sweaty, limp, cross and constantly thirsty, the air is hazy with smoke from the bushfires elsewhere in Victoria. I had a serious coughing fit while I was out this morning; I have an irritable cough at the best of times, but the smokey air had me gasping for air.
Not at all pleasant, but as least I'm safe, as are my family and my home. In other areas of our poor parched state, people are facing the nightmare of bushfires close to their homes.

And tomorrow is meant to be even worse ...

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