19 May 2007

It's on the list

Now I have a whole three days to myself every week, I've been getting around to that list of jobs that need doing. You know the one - that list we all have of things that we need to do, or should do, and even perhaps want to do, but never manage to get around to because there's too much to do at the end of the working day, like eat, or fold washing, or catch up on the episode of Heroes that you recorded the other day while you were watching Spicks & Specks.

Here's what I've ticked off my list over the past five weeks.

1. Tidied up my shoe shelves and thrown out the shoes I'll never wear again.
2. Taken The Little Guy to the doctor for his four year old immunisation, and to have his pigeon-toed stance checked out.
3. Got rid of the dust-bunnies lurking in every corner of this house (they'll be back by the end of this weekend).
4. Done our 2005-06 tax return. Yes I know we left it right until the end of the yearly cut-off date, but we always do.
5. Been to the art gallery.
6. Had some of The Little Guy's friends over to play during the week.
7. Started sorting out the kids clothes, so I can pass on the ones they've grown out of.
8. Been on a kindergarten excursion.
9. Been to watch Miss Mucks play a basketball match (and they won!).
10. Had lunch in the city with The Hubster twice.
11. Regularily made biscuits for the kids' lunchboxes, rather than giving them commercially made snacks.
12. Seen my brother a lot more than I used to (usually he and I work completely incompatible hours).
13. Reconnected with friends.
14. Cleaned out all of the heater vents ready for winter.

However, there are some things I still have to knock off that list ... like finish cleaning up our study (which involves at least two years worth of filing), rescue our garden from despair, and finish tidying up the wardrobes in this place. I even have vague plans to make a quilt out of Miss Mucks's old clothes; I've been saving the prettiest of her old dresses and skirts since she was tiny, and my sister has promised to help me conquer my fear of the sewing machine to put the quilt together.

At least I'm not driven to sort out our CDs in alphabetical order. Just putting them into their right cases would be triumph.

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