24 May 2007

Nothing but grey cardies from now on

Why do I love grey cardigans so?

Over the last few seasons, I've been delighted to see the humble cardie make a comeback. While they've never completely disappeared as part of a winter wardrobe, there were many many pretty little cardies around last summer. Which is wonderful if you have the start of middle-aged 'tuck-shop lady' arms you wish to disguise, yet still gad about in a pretty summer blouse with cap-sleeves.

This winter there are cardigans every where, from long slim-line ones which look great with a nicely cut pair of pants (please don't call them 'slacks'), to jaunty little ones which feature big buttons. They are also available in many lovely colours, from soft mossy greens, pretty blues, fun brights, smart black, and great sludgy browns.

So why am I always first attracted to the ones in grey?

The other day I brought home a smart longline cardie which crosses over just under the bust (I'm planning to wear it to work next week on the first day of my first short term contract). I picked it up because it was just the right shade of grey - dark, but not black, and not wishy-washy. And it has a kind of a funky-corporate edge to it, which is good if you work in a semi-creative profession like I do.

But as I hung my new grey cardigan up in my wardrobe, I noticed all of the other grey cardies I've purchased (and worn) over the last few years. Like the short one with the shawl collar and the frilled hem, which I wear with jeans. And the cross-over ribbed one which I wear with a black skirt and boots. Oh, and the other longline one, but button-through like the one here, which is a stretched version of what my grandfather would have worn; I wear mine with tailored grey pinstripe pants and chunky wooden beads in order to channel my inner librarian.

I think I've had at least one grey cardigan in my wardrobe since I was five, although back then it was part of my school uniform. I suspect that I will still be wearing grey cardies when I'm 86, although maybe then it will be a little cashmere number I've popped over my Liberty shirt-waister (I'm channelling my grandmother now).

Before I end this post, I must send out an apology to one of my favourite bloggers MillyMoo, who reveals she 'possesses an irrational fear of cardigans' in her profile. If you're reading this MillyMoo, I hope you'll forgive me.

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