04 June 2007

Boots and all

When the season changes, it's fun to see the weird and wonderful ways people interpret what's in fashion. This is especially so in winter when there's the excuse to pile on more and more clothes.

Yesterday, I took a walk down Chapel Street; this is not something I do much these days, as Chapel Street is a particularly unfriendly street to wander down with a child who has outgrown the stroller stage. At one point I saw five women walk past in almost identical outfits; all were very slim, and wore neat knitwear topped with a scarf, over skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. All had impossibly glossy hair, and equally glossy boyfriends (well three of them did). It was like watching a Marie Claire spread on casual weekend wear.

Now, I can understand where this trend came from. I remember seeing photos of celebs wearing similar outfits while it was winter in the northern hemisphere. And after all, winter is all about the boot, so you may as well show it off.

It's much harder to explain that very strange trend of shorts over tights/leggings. It was casual clothes day at work last Friday and one of my workmates appeared in small black shorts worn over black opaque tights, finished off with flat black suede ankle boots (inspired by Robin Hood perhaps?). She also wore a very large coat over the entire ensemble, and a great big woolly scarf.

It was an odd get-up (as my grandmother would have said), and not at all flattering. Which is a shame as she is a beautiful normal-sized girl, who had looked fantastic the other days I'd seen her at work.

But at least she was covered up, ready - for the most part - to combat the winter chill factor.

Unlike someone I saw in the lift the other day.

Let's take it from the top. Woolly beanie. Mismatched woolly scarf tied around the neck seven times. Short wool coat. Wool blend skirt. Thongs.

What's going on there?


Icy said...

I see this all the time and I just wonder "what were you thinking!" If it's cold enough to wear the rest of it, surely it is cold enough to wear a proper pair of shoes!

delamare said...

Yes - I think I missed the memo that thongs were prescribed winter footwear! [Thanks for visiting too, Icy :)]