24 July 2007

Season of pleasing chilliness

You've probably picked up that I love winter. I adore it. The bedsocks, the food, the ability to avoid short sleeves, the snuggling under blankets, the red wine, the abundance of wool, boots and interesting colours. And did I mention the food?

I'm having a very happy winter this year. After my mid-life career crisis of late 2006-early 2007, I've got my balance back, and my general sense of joy. So I'm really enjoying the pleasures of this winter, which is managing to be properly cold and wet. We've even been to the snow.

So in the interests of balance, I've decided to list five things I don't like about winter (there are about 50 reasons why I love it).

1. I can't convince the children to fetch the paper from the front lawn in the morning because they think it's far too cold and they refuse to wear slippers.

2. Said children won't wear enough clothes so they get too cold and complain a lot when we're out.

3. What do you do with a dripping wet umbrella when you have to get into the car?

4. The house looks like a Chinese laundry thanks to three clothes horses perched over the top of the heating vents

5. Um, all that yummy winter food and red wine means I've put on a bit of weight ...


River said...

I also love winter. Roasting vegetables, hot apple pie, snuggling down into the doona with a grandchild either side and a huge story book.........
Summer, on the other hand just drains me completely. It's impossible to get cool,after all there's only so many layers that can be removed, when you're down to skin you just can't go any further.

delamare said...

Yes - I sometimes feel I live in a strange land where people complain endlessly about how freezing it is, and yet are filled with glee at the thought of it being 35 degrees.