11 July 2007

Post-Birthday blues

Yesterday, I finally read the last few chapters of The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver.

It started well enough. I like the way that Shriver writes. Unfortunately for me, however, her clean, rather distant style wasn't enough to sustain my interest in what is a very long book about some people I didn't particularly care for.

It's the story of one woman who has a decision to make following a moment of temptation. The novel charts her development along two very different paths, each one set by the decision she makes at that moment. It's a good idea for a novel, and executed well-enough. The problem is that in both stories the heroine's introspection becomes pretty tedious.

I skipped reading about a third of the book because it was becoming repetitive. Nevertheless, I was committed enough to read the last few chapters to see how the characters ended up, and how Shriver brings it together in the end.

Overall, mildly depressing.


River said...

Reading through your archives and clicked on the link to discover how many people in the USA have my name. Many with my christian name and many with my surname, but only me with my combined christian and surnames. Interestingly enough, I don't live in America, but right here in good old Aus.,Adelaide in fact. Wonder how many there are out here?

delamare said...

Hi River - thanks for visiting.

I did that link with my 'maiden' name (what a quaint old term that is). I also did it with my married name, but no one with a match.