07 August 2007

Cold recovery 101

I am now on day five of my annual cold - and it's not fun. I've been pretty much housebound for the best part of a week, although I have had to go out to run children to school, and stock up on provisions. But most of the time, I've just felt like engaging in the time honoured art of doona diving, lying low in an attempt to recover from my stuffed-up head, incessant cough, and general lethargy.

This period of being away from normal life has lead me to discover the following things.

1. When you're sick, it's hard to come up with interesting ideas of meals to cook for dinner. I just really feel like soup, but that wears thin with the rest of the family.

2. However, I've discovered that when I'm sick, I like to bake. Yesterday I made a very easy and yummy orange cake from the latest issue of Delicious. Only I used a tangelo instead of an orange, so it came out extra citrussy.
3. Online shopping is fun! In the past week I've been to Peter's of Kensington to purchase a new set of mixing bowls (my 22-year-old beloved mixing bowl got broken a month ago). My new Nigella Lawson bowls arrived and they are wonderful to use (see point number two above). I'm also waiting on a book written by Mags, one of my favourite bloggers. I'm really looking forward to her book, The Jane Austen Handbook, arriving from Amazon.com.

4. Kids still love to complain, even when their Mum is not feeling great; there was a terrible performance of synchronised whinging in the car this morning. On the upside, I've been given some lovely notes telling me that they hope I get better soon.

5. Dr Phil is a bully. OK, I didn't need to be sick to know that, but I've never watched his show before. I suppose some people just want their 15 minutes of fame no matter what, y'all.

6. Bedsocks are bliss. Even at 1pm in the afternoon.

7. Putting make-up on when you're feeling revolting is just too much like hard work. However, I am currently addicted to handcream.

8. A little boy who is turning five next week is proving to be delightful company. He is even managing to entertain himself most of the time.

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