03 August 2007

The fine art of the Friday night wind-down

I seem to have acquired my winter cold, which means I spent most of the day in bed, in glorious silence, with only Zeb The Wondercat for company. The Hubster was at work, and the kids at school and kindergarten. It would have been bliss, except for the fact that I felt completely stuffed-up and lousy.

I'm about to return to bed, but there seems to be two small people in residence there at present. We've declared Fridays as official Snuggle Night. This involves children snuggling up in Mum and Dad's bed to watch a DVD (tonight's choice is Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events), while the we watch our own DVD and eat takeaway. Lately Number One Son - at 12, fast approaching puberty - joins us to watch delights such as Hot Fuzz (it sounds rude, but it wasn't guvnor) and eat Thai food.

Think I'll just have to hunker down with the little ones tonight to snuggle myself back to sleep.

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