12 September 2007


The latest issue of my very favouite magazine - the UK's Livingetc - finally hit the newsagent this week. (Well, it's the latest issue here in Australia; while we're discovering the August issue, the October issue is already out in the UK.)

Livingetc serves up a seductive combination of drool worthy houses, great design, and fun ideas. Best of all, a lot of it feels achieveable.

Like this picture from an issue earlier this year, which inspired me to fill our own empty, dirty fireplace with logs; this simple idea has kept the heat escaping from our living room this winter, and it looks great. It cost me less than $25 to do.

I know that Livingetc is from another country which means you can't get hold of some of the treats featured, and some of the renovations have been done by people who are clearly not afraid of spending serious amounts of money. The point for me though is this magazine is something that I look to for inspiration rather than using as a bible. The inspiration is in terms of colour, the mix of old and new, with Ikea thrown in for good measure.

The August issue doesn't disappoint. There are some lovely homes featured, and I'm looking forward to having a good old stickybeak at how other people live.

[Images courtesy of the Livingetc website which is really worth a visit.]

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