13 September 2007

You can be a fan girl at any age

I realise that I am a married 40-something woman with three children, a mortgage and a reasonably sensible career. And that I drive a station wagon. But age and relative wisdom doesn't stop me having crushes on actors.

While some of my "mmmmm, he's nice" daydeams float around the usual suspects - namely Matt Damon, Michael Vartan, McDreamy, and, of course, George - I am particularly fond of rather weedy English actors. And I'm not talking about Hugh Grant or Jude Law. My tastes run more towards Matthew MacFayden, Toby Stevens and Richard Armitage. (I must also confess to a longstanding soft spot for token Yank, John Cusack, because I am an 80s girl at heart.)

I also have a big silly, girly crush on the current Doctor Who, David Tennant.

I grew up watching Doctor Who and was sort of interested when it was updated a few years ago. But I didn't start watching it avidly until he morphed into the delectable and funny Mr Tennant. The last few episodes have been particularly good too - really great story telling.

But this week I will be really enjoying it thanks to my other big crush - John Simm - joining the cast as The Master. Oh my! This will fill the gap left in my small screen crush calendar since I finished watching the brilliant Life on Mars a few months back.

And I solemnly promise not to blu-tak their poster to my wall.

[Images from the BBC website.]

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