14 September 2007


Some time ago I wrote about the end of my relationship with Who. I haven't missed it a bit, but I have bought this week's issue - the annual best and worst dressed issue.

The selection this year is just plain boring. Sienna Miller isn't a particularly elegant or interesting choice as best dressed, and what the hell is Jodi Gordon - who indeed - doing at number eight? The most interesting inclusion is Dita Von Teese, but besides her, the best dressed list is pretty blah. I'm not sure what Katherine Heigl (much as I like her) or Chloe Sevigny are doing on the list ... they're certainly not badly dressed, but their look is hardly WOW. Chloe turns up in some wild and quirky outfits, but the ones illustrating this article are pretty pedestrian.

I think the problem is that the list-makers want to avoid repeating the same people on the list year after year. Cute and perky as she is, how can Hayden Panettiere be judged as better dressed than Cate Blanchett or Reese Witherspoon (neither of whom are on this year's list)?

But the biggest omission this year has to be Helen Mirren, who managed to look devastatingly elegant and gorgeous at every award show she attended this year. Pure class.

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