09 October 2007

Addendum - what is 'vintage' anyway?

I apologise for an error I made in my last post. I used the word 'vintage' to describe a pattern on a brand new quilt cover. My bad.

My sister - moggy , she who is one half of a very clever pair of ladies who sew up old dress patterns - and I were discussing this yesterday.

Since when did the words 'vintage' and 'retro' become so overused that they are now meaningless? When I was younger, vintage was used to refer mainly to very old cars and as a way of describing wine. Now it used to describe everything that isn't brand new, or things that are meant to look old and pre-loved. And retro can mean anything from a 1950s kitchen table to 1980s slogan t-shirts. Come next year, no doubt the minimalist 1990s living room will be considered retro.

What I should have said was that I liked the old-fashioned pattern on the sheets. They're not vintage. They just look old-fashioned (a term which makes me think of roses, tea cups and afternoon tea). The picture below, for example, shows a room with an old-fashioned feel; it is not vintage !

And in a further addendum, I also have to report that Moggy gave me the bad news that the pretty sheets I like actually aren't all that nice in real life. I shall have to check them out to see for myself.

[Image from the Country Living website.]

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moggy said...

Hear hear! I must tell you that there are some other old-fashioned looking sheets in Spotlight, that you can compare with the Actil ones (which are also on sale there) - some pretty greens and pinks. I think the Actils might look nicer mixed up with some other bits and peices too...

PS I have a fridge! very exciting... Soon I will be able to put my vintage, retro, reproduction etc etc etc bits in the kitchen, hoorah!