04 October 2007

Very pretty indeed

I am a sucker for lovely bedlinen, and this looks very pretty indeed.

Over the past few years my bed has been dressed with white bedlinen (an Italian waffleweave doona cover to be exact), and I've been thinking it might be time for a change. But perhaps this is just too feminine in a bedroom that belongs to a man as well; I might just settle for a quilt coverlet instead.

You can't see the detail in this photo, but it's a vintage pattern, off-set with stripes, with a 1950s feel.

[Image from the Actil website]

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moggy said...

In reference to our earlier conversation, this place has a nice selection of quilting fabrics: http://www.reprodepot.com/fabrics.html

I have many more fabric sites to choose from if none of these suit! Also, there is a quilting shop in East Brunswick which has a lot of them in the flesh if you would like to view them personally.