23 October 2007

Pretty dotty

It's my birthday soon, and my sister has decided she wants to make me some table napkins as a present. We had great fun choosing which fabrics to use - I'm getting six made up in each of these designs.

These great 1930s-ish prints are from an American fabric designer called Denyse Schmidt. They are mostly used for quilting - think how lovely a quilt would be made up in these!


moggy said...

Nice post, sister of mine! I think they will look most delightful (hmm, I guess I'd better think about table napkins for christmas, oh my!).

I'm also rather excited about the flea market stripe. And check the blog for the latest must-have that Kitty and I have ordered. This fabric thing is evil!

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Hi there!

Belated birthday.

Lovely blog - demonstrating you clearly have NOT lost your impeccable taste in all things that lead to wonderment!

Thought about you on the day AND how long it has been since graduation from PMS (don't do the maths ... not worth the shock!).


delamare said...

Hi PJ!

Just noticed your comment, as I'm not online at home at present (due to major changes happening in moving children's bedrooms around -I am up to my neck in plaster dust, outgrown clothes, piles of books, and boxes of well-loved soft toys strewn throughout the house). I'm missing blogging a lot, composing entries in my head, and looking forward to getting back to it soon, once the plaster dust settles.

Hope all is good with you, and very pleased to note that we share a wedding anniversary date now!

And yes, it is an unbelievably long time since that day we graduated on my 18th birthday ....