04 December 2007


It's been weeks since I've posted. It's not for want of inspiration or interest; it's just other parts of life have been getting in the way. That, and we've not had easy internet access of late thanks to the endless house re-organisation we've currently undertaking. My cupboards are now frighteningly well-organised (a blissful state which will probably only last three months until the mess creeps back).

This will be a quick post too, but I did want to mark this significant day. Number One Son is spending his first day at high school today. He and two of his best friends have gone off to their secondary college for their orientation, ahead of starting Year Seven on 30 January next year. Full of excited energy, anticipation and a good dose of nerves. Which is true of me too!

[Happily for us, Number One Son's going to the great government school we really wanted him to get into back in May.]

It feels like he just started primary school, and here we are at the end of it already. Twelve years old, ready to graduate from primary school, and about to really launch into adolescence.

Of course, with the The Little Guy we're starting this adventure all over again. As we've been getting the big one ready for high school, we're also in the midst of preparing our youngest for Prep next year. Transition indeed.

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