18 January 2008

Seeking answers to the big questions

Why do people think that they look fabulous wearing shorts that show off their bits that really should be hidden?

Why can I never find the overdue bill/electrical cord/half opened packet of craisins when I really need it?

When did the memo go out that wearing thongs (flipflops) in the office was appropriate? (And when did I officially become middle-aged?)

Why when I have the time to go an see a film, the ones I want to see are only showing at ridiculous times?

Why doesn't the Sandringham train run from Southern Cross Station during peak hour?

Why can't people use apostrophes correctly?

And most of all, why-oh-why is packing to go on holiday sooooo tedious?

Tomorrow, we're off to the beach for a week. I need to remember to pack my bathers this time: as I inevitably end up packing my own stuff last, I always forget something significant. It's my version of the burnt chop.

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