29 January 2008

The time has come

The long summer holidays end tonight. The kids are horrified about going to bed at a more reasonable time - it being a school night - and we're horrified at the thought of preparing school lunches tonight. But most of all we're all excited about tomorrow morning. Excited, with a big dose of butterflies.

It's been a very busy day today: lining up (twice) to pay big dollars for school books and stationery, labelling all of said stationery, getting haircuts, buying the last bits of school uniforms, and teaching 12-year old boys how to catch two trams home (we want to get Number One Son as independent as possible and luckily he has a couple of good friends to share the adventure with).

So tonight it will be back to ironing school uniforms. Only this time around, it's three lots. The Little Guy is joining his big sister at primary school. He's very excited at the thought, and has already laid out his new uniform, shoes, lunchbox and bag ready for the morning.

And I'm getting my tissues ready. I'm not sure who I'll get more teary about - leaving Number One Son at the school gate as he heads into highschool, or taking my last baby to Prep.


fiona said...

hope it all went well!did you cry?it's such a huge job getting everybody ready for another school year and such a massive relief when they are gone!soory i dont use apostrophes correctly but i do do the burnt chop bit!nice to meet you...

delamare said...

Hi Fiona. Yes - I did cry, because the Little Guy did! He was happy shortly afterwards though (I got one of my friends to spy on him). He's settled in really well now, and my eldest son absolutely loves his new school, which is wonderful. Long may it last! We're settling into the new routine of it all now to, although my daughter brought home her new trumpet today ... yikes!