27 February 2008

Frock on

It's been my grand final this week - the Oscars. And while I am actually interested in who-wins-what, my real interest (of course) is in who-wears-what.

The Age has a great summary of the 80th Oscar fashion frenzy: "A couple of disasters aside, this year’s red carpet parade was, fashion-wise, a deeply conservative event with a subdued feel and a tendency toward homogeneity that made it seem as though it had been choreographed by a single stylist. Beautiful but bland sums it up."

Exactly. It was all very pretty indeed, but safe and all rather similar.

Nevertheless, a girl has to have some favourites in this feast of satin, lace and diamonds. Here are some of mine.

I've always loved mermaids.

Loved what Our Nic wore, and she has very pretty accessories (the necklace and Keith). However, I am getting seriously worried about how plastic her face is starting to look.

Nic, you need to take some lessons from this dame, stat. She continues to look fabulous, and she has wrinkles. And a very long career, in which she has won squillions of awards. A large part of her success must come down to her ability to communicate emotion through expression. Just saying.

There was a lot black worn. As well as Our Nic, Jennifer Garner was my favourite, although the bodice looks rather uncomfortable.

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