28 February 2008

Baby it's cold outside (for now)

Today's weather forecast was for a cold change, and that's what we got. I spent the morning at work smelling of wet wool, thanks to the downpour that accompanied me as I was walked one block from the station to the office. (Yes, I did have a sturdy umbrella, but the rain was fierce.)

The chilly day has made me start to crave cold-weather food, fuelled in no small part to the latest issue of Delicious, which I bought yesterday.

Fish pie with prawns and cheesy leek topping. Swedish meatballs. Chickpea & chorizo stew. Pappa al pomodoro (tomato & bread soup). Slow bolognese. Mmmmm

I suspect that this hearty fare may have a little while to wait though. While is was only 19 degrees today, it is still February. And Perth had a scorching 39 degree day today, which means we must be in for another bout of hot weather, so it's more likely that I'll be making salads next week.

Still, a girl can dream.... of boots, grey cardigans, bedsocks, and fish pie with cheesy leek topping.

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Lazy cow said...

I'm always attracted to grey cardis too, but with a librarian background try to stay clear of the cliche clothes, according to my girlfriends. So I buy black ones instead :-)
Thanks for your encouragement re: schools. I'm trying to remind myself that I have a few more years before I really have to start worrying about it, but it's hard not to get caught up in the hype!