01 March 2008

Oscars Part Two

With everyone trying so hard to be safe at this year's Oscars, very few fell into the "What was she thinking?" category.

Only three names keep cropping up on the 'it didn't work' list: Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Larson (aka George's girlfriend) and Rebecca Miller (Mrs Daniel Day-Lewis). The general consensus is that their outfits were - in order - unflattering, boring and too whacky.

However, reading Who last night I discovered that Ms Larson's Valentino dress may have worked better if she'd have dressed it up more, like it appeared on the runway. Although it must be said that the model here looks far too cross - perhaps she's just heard that George is stepping out with Sarah Larson instead of her? It's either that, or she's just in want of a good feed.

Sarah dressed down, which made this elaborately beaded gown look rather dull. Now I've seen the original, I can't help but think that more dramatic earrings, and upswept hair might have made the dress work better. Or maybe she just looks bland in the photos but looked sensational in real life?

And is that the explanation for what Rosamund Pike was wearing? This is a surprisingly unflattering dress, which I hadn't seen before I opened up Who on the train last night. It looks like a toile - the practice dress you make before you make the real thing.

Oh dear. What was she/her sylist thinking?

In her defence, she is one of the prettiest actresses around at the moment. Here's a much more fetching photograph of her, hopefully pondering a better dress to wear next time.

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