13 March 2008

Too darn hot

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the delight of a cold change, and made the prediction that even though it was a 19 degree day in March, we'd be returning to the heat of summer before winter arrived.

Unfortunately, I was right. It's nearly 10pm, and it's still 33 degrees outside (and an unpleasant 29 degrees inside). This is the first day of our unseasonal autumn heatwave in Melbourne - it's 40 degrees tomorrow - which is due to stretch well into next week.

It's just plain horrible. Especially in an ancient over-crowded train carriage without airconditioning at 5.49pm.

So I'm really feeling for the poor people of Adelaide who have already been coping with this heatwave for a record nine days, and are also facing another week of temperatures over 35 degrees.

I am hoping that Easter will be nice and cold - and wet! - to make up for what we're enduring now. (Ever the optimist.) I need such a thought to keep me going while I freeze icecream containers full of water to keep the bunny cool tomorrow, work out exactly when is the perfect moment to open the house up at night to get some fresh air in, and stay out of the kitchen as much as possible.

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Lazy cow said...

Public transport in the heat would have to be one of the Circles of Hell. You have my sympathies. I'd settle for a coolish Easter, as we're going camping along the Murrumbidgee River, and it's always stinking hot and dry.
PS. The Fish n chip place at Half Moon bay is more a kiosk, but they're building a proper restaurant as well.