30 April 2008


My working week has now settled into a great rhythm; I work long days on Mondays and Fridays, shorter days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I have Wednesdays off. I chose this routine because I need a day in the middle of the week to replenish the family's needs, see to chores, and frankly to maintain my sanity as a working mother.

While I do use Wednesdays for such activities as the mid-week grocery shop, adding to the washing mountain, and the corralling of children, it's also my day with catching up with people I really like spending time with. It's when I can enjoy a morning coffee with other mums after school drop-off, have lunch with old friends, and spend time with my Mum.

Mum and I had a great Wednesday today. It had a completely unplanned schedule (expect for the necessary sojourn into the supermarket). We had coffee in two nice cafes, visited both of our houses, did some online browsing, and she helped me solve a tricky problem I have with an old piece of furniture.

We also went to a nursery, as I needed some fertiliser to plant our new lemon tree. As a child I found nurseries utterly boring, but now I love a good fossick about in one. Especially with Mum, as she is a devoted gardener, and has lots of advice and information to share about plants. I bought some sage, ginger lillies, and potting mix (and the fertliser).

When I dropped Mum home she also gave me an oakleaf hydrangea (a fully grown one is pictured here), which I am going to plant in a tub to fit into an old copper. Planting will be on the agenda this weekend.

So it's been a perfect Wednesday. Things were achieved, enjoyment was had, and plans were made. Even the kids have been well behaved.

(If only that washing mountain wasn't still waiting to be folded.)

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