26 October 2008

Off target

I know that clothes directly lifted from the 1980s have been readily available in mainstream stores for the last few years, but home furnishings?

Has Target discovered a long-lost shipping container of Jenny Kee homewares they lost track of in 1986? Because that's what this 'exciting new' range of designer homeware looks like.

To be fair, when Kee first released her home designs on the Australian market they were fresh and exciting. I'm sure I lusted after some of her zig-zaggy black and white ceramics at one time. But now, over 20 years later, they feel totally out of date. She seems to have used exactly the same designs as she used then.

What's next? Target targets koala jumpers as the next big trend for winter 2009? Or a range of Ken Done doona overs?


Kath Lockett said...

I agree totally! I saw them advertised in the AWW and thought, "The crazy lady has NOT moved on. This looks like a technicolour vomit and the last thing I'd want in my home."

Besides, as my mother always says, 'If you remember wearing it or using it the first time around, you're too old for it the second time.'

delamare said...

Yep. I can't see this lot moving at all. It just looks wrong, and it makes my eyes hurt!

Miles McClagan said...

I say bring back Dannii Minogues exclusive to Kmart clothing range of 1991, and Girlfriends Myer Fun Range...

Early 90s represent y'all...as long as no one dresses like Collette