06 November 2008


How hard can it be to find a simple pair of smart black well-cut pants* for work?

Well, apparently it's really quite hard, which is very annoying, because that's what I need right now for work. The two pairs that I do have are both starting to look rather faded.

I went hunting for these elusive pants today during my lunch hour. And I discovered that I was in between sizes, before I found one pair that I quite liked, but they were a bit too shiny. (For the most part, I hate shiny pants.) The fact that they weren't quite right - and that they cost nearly $200 for cotton pants! - couldn't be overcome once I put my own pair back on, and found they suited me so much better.

My own pants were part of the first Limited Editions range that Target launched early this year. That first range was full of great pieces, as they say on home-shopping fashion shows. Unfortunately, the current range is frighteningly full of shiny pants.

So, I trotted off to the horrendous Melbourne-city Target in my fast dwindling lunch hour, in the elusive hope that their buying staff have realised that women just wanna have decent, fashionable black non-shiny pants to wear work for well under $100. Of course they didn't have any, but I did find a pair of exactly the same pants as my own in a nice bone colour (trust me, much nicer than they sound). I forgive you now, Target for your Jenny Kee debacle. But I will really love you if you produce these pants again in black.

Of course, when shopping for something specific, you're much more likely to stumble on something else that you fall in love with. For me, it was this Sportscraft silvery bag. (And yes, it is a bit shiny, but that's OK in an accessory in my book.)

And in a strange twist of good fortune, it's on sale, I really do need a new bag, and I have birthday money to spend!

*On looking at my description of 'a simple pair of smart black well-cut pants', I can't help thinking that I sound like my grandmother. Although she'd have never worn a pair of smart black well-cut pants - she would have been after a smart well-cut shirt-waister dress. However, she did own a couple of pairs of jeans to wear around the farm.


Kath Lockett said...

At least you said 'pants' and not 'slacks'. Then you *really* would have been your grandmother. Or my mother.

Amelia said...

have you tried mng? i have bought really good, basic black cotton pants there a few times and they are not expensive. ignore all the flirty little dresses and sparkly cardigans and whatever else. just find the plain black cotton pants. i really recommend them.

moggy said...

Try Feathers - when they are on sale they can be around the $100 mark. pants made for ladies!

Catherine said...

I share your pain - I'm always on the lookout for a decent pair of black pants, and when you are 5 foot 10 tall, you have very little chance of finding something.
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
I've had a quick look at your blog (I really should be in bed!) but I will definitely come back for a closer look soon. I can see you love reading - a woman after my own heart.

delamare said...

Thanks for the hints ladies ... although Moggy I worry sometimes about Feathers pants because they can be on the shiny side.

And Kath, you've inspired me to write another post about trouser nomenclature. I'll try not to be slack and get around to it soon.

Thanks for visiting too Catherine!

moggy said...

All my Feathers pants are decidedly matte...

delamare said...

Oh joy - found pants! They are Country Road ones, great cut, and a great price (I got them 25% off, but even their full price of $99 was reasonable).