25 January 2009

"I want an Australian accent!"

It's Australia Day tomorrow, which means that we're all enjoying a long sunny weekend, and hopefully thinking about how fortunate we are to live here in this big, dry, beautiful and predominately peaceful and prosperous place.

The Good Weekend magazine in yesterday's The Age had a wonderful feature on just this subject - a photographic essay on kids who were born in another country but now live here. It's worth checking out - there's a multi-media feature based on it here on The Age website too.

(I know one of the kids featured too - he's one of my eldest son's best friends.)

Reading this yesterday made me reflect some more on one of the things that President Obama said in a recent speech - that his extraordinary story could only be possible in the United States of America. I don't think that's true; I like to think that what was once unthinkable is possible in Australia too. I hope so.

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