09 April 2009

More things I know now

Time for another list of random thoughts.

1. School holidays are much easier to deal with when both parents can take turns having time off. For the first time in years, I've not had to ask anyone to look after my kids at all these holidays.

2. It's four days to Easter. This is the gospel according to the Little Guy, who is obsessed with chocolate eggs, and has been giving us a running countdown to The Big Bunny Day the past two weeks. He may get a shock when he discovers that Easter actually begins tomorrow, and we're eating fish. The hot cross buns for breakfast may make up for it.

3. On the subject of chocolate, the 'high end' stuff from Aldi is really really good. As I haven't got any on me at present though, I'll just make do with a couple of lines of Dark Kit Kat instead.

4. Our water consumption has been, on average, 87 litres per day per person this past quarter. I'm chuffed; and I'm pretty sure it's because I've been obsessively using grey water on our garden rather than turning on the hose. It's saved our trees, and lugging those full buckets in and out has been good for my arms.

5. As predicted, my interest in cooking has returned now it's cooler. Yes, I know that it's not really cold yet, but I've already started on soups and slow-cooked casseroles.

6. Enduring a horrible work situation gives you a keen appreciation of what a blessing a happy workplace is. I feel very lucky that I'm in the latter situation these days.

7. I now have a daughter who is old enough to revel in her musical discoveries with me; she shared the Ting Tings with me recently (I like them a lot too), and Lily Allen (should I worry?!). I responded by showing her clips of The Go Gos and Blondie thanks to the wonders of YouTube, the ultimate source of "well, in my day...". Luckily she's not yet of an age to roll her eyes at me in embarrassment of my daggy musical choices. That's coming soon, no doubt. (And Blondie will never be daggy, anyway.)

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