31 May 2009

That was the month that was: May

Another very busy month at work; currently working fulltime. Spending Sundays each week cooking in preparation. Miss Mucks away at camp for a week. New after school arrangements working wonderfully well. Multiple visits to the dentist to fix kids' teeth. Fighting a case in VCAT against an unsavoury local development (no news on the result yet). Visit to Persuasion - a lovely exhibition on Regency clothing - at the National Gallery Victoria. Ate at two great restaurants - MoVida Next Door and GingerBoy. Kept bumping into old friends.

Television series of the month: Master Chef Australia. I know I said back in March that I'm not a big fan of reality television, and yet here I am choosing another one as my telly-treat-of-the-month. I'm really enjoying this one, along with my kids. It's the wide range of ordinary people cooking up a storm and sometimes getting it horribly wrong that I really like, like Sam's flaccid rice paper rolls a few weeks ago. And it's great to see when they do get it really right, like Julia's Chinese dumplings from that same challenge. The judges are all great fun too; just how many cravats does Matt Preston own? What I don't like though, is the reality show gimmicks, like the eliminations on Thursday night, and the editing to play up the different factions. I'm think that that tad arrogant Chris guy who always wears a hat is being set up for a fall ...


Kath Lockett said...

We're fans too. But (and it's a big but) we hate the repeat of the last minute of 'action' straight after the ad-break as though we'd all got collective amnesia as well as the drawn-out announcements.

Don't know why they need the girl hosting the show either as the judges can surely talk to the contestants just fine by themselves?

Faves - Sam, Julia, Trevor and Po. Love Chunks likes Po for vastly different reasons to me though :)

delamare said...

Yes, why is that woman there, and why do they need to draaaaaaaaaggg out every decision. I agree with all of the people you mention above, with the addition of Tom. I think Chris et al was very unfair about Kate and her crying too; Julie and Aaron can have a good weep and they don't get flack for it.