26 September 2006

Adventures in MummyShoppingLand

We returned from our week at the coast on the weekend. The week away was wonderful, once I managed to rid myself of a very painful neck and back pain, courtesy of accumulated work stress.

As I am still on holidays, I hit the shops yesterday, together with my elder two children. I had things I had to buy, but never get a chance to do so, thanks to not working near shops that I can pop out to in my lunch time to keep stocked up with essentials, like lipstick, shoes and books. Usually all I get to shop for is groceries and birthday presents for people under the age of 12, so I had a long list of things I needed to get done for me.

A little while ago I posted that I was after something new to read that would provide some much needed escapism. Some quality fluff. I found the perfect thing yesterday - the new Maggie Alderson. She is a columnist that I read every week in one of our weekend newspapers, and I do so enjoy her humour and perspective on life.

Of course, as a dedicated Janeite, how can I resist a book entitled Cents and Sensibility?

I also found a great new (for me) lipstick. I wear very little make up - thanks to a rather traumatic and rude exchange with a makeup 'artist' in 1990 - but I am deeply committed to lipstick. I finally managed to get someone at a MAC counter to serve me, and I now have my first Pro Longwear Lipcolour. Perfect for someone who can never find her lippy in one of her vast Mummy handbags, because the colour lasts and lasts. Which is a Good Thing, as they are damn expensive!

I also managed to buy some awfully purty tea glasses from Target of all places at the amazing price of $3 each, and put two pairs of very pretty summer shoes (flats) on layby.

The interesting thing looking at this list, is how much I now shop like a mad person. Because I rarely get to do it for myself, I tend to make decisions quickly, shop in places with great return policies, and go armed with a list. The days of browsing and weighing up the merits between this belt with that one in Witchery at the other end of the mall are long gone. May they return one day!

The great thing is that I managed to do all this with two children in tow. Armed with a book each, and with time spent browsing toy and electronic departments and the purchase of some sushi at a crucial moment, the kids were fantastic. Of course, it helped enormously that their four year old brother was not with us.


PJ said...

I'm looking forward to reading Maggie's new work too. She's terrific.

Also, as a long time MAC addict, I have to say they're worth the money and oh so cool.

Amelia said...

what was the book like? i have only read one of her novels and have to admit that i was v disappointed. i can't even remember the name of it. i had trouble reading her column for months afterwards.